Well Furnished Apartments in Austin TX

Posted by Damion
Oct 15 2013

I have the enjoyable task of supplying furniture to many of Austin’s best hotels and accommodation. Our prices are good and the furniture even better, which means we really dominate the market here. I see a lot of different places pretty regularly and I probably wouldn’t recommend most. We have a pretty big range of quality with our beds and sofas, lovely wooden dining tables and the rest. Most of the operators skimp because it’s all about a quick buck.

Austin Furnished Condos have been around a while and they’re a pleasure to work with. They expect great prices because they want to be competitive but they want the best. If you’re after quality they are the only furnished apartments in Austin TX that you really get it from. Check out some of their places here: http://www.austinfurnishedcondos.com/furnished-apartments-austin-tx

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