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Be mind-blown by these Brisbane graphic designers

Business, Services | Posted by Robbie
Jun 11 2014

I might be the brains behind my business, but putting all of my ideas and words in to eye catching graphic designs is not my forte. so I decided to test the waters with a guy I found on the internet by the name of  Vikram Jayaprakash and was absolutely blown away with the work that he produced.

I asked he to revamp my logo for my website and business cards and to come up with some creative images for upcoming events and the result was far better than anything that I could have dreamed of. I was impressed from our initial meeting by the questions that were asked of me, and by the genuine interest to inject my business philosophy and vision into their creative graphic designs.

I love my new logo!

What do you think?


Wine Storage, Genius

Services | Posted by Robbie
Mar 16 2014

I have a pretty good wine collection but it’s been harder and harder to look after. I had it under the stairs and then as it grew I was keeping some in the garage but you need to watch the temperatures on the hot days and keep it off the floor in case of flooding. We had some tradies coming through the house and one point, and the gardener and the pool guy and bottles just started walking a bit. Read the rest of this entry »

SMSF & Life Insurance All in One

Health & Wellbeing, Services | Posted by Jolene
Mar 12 2014

Value is all about the bundle. I have my phone, internet and foxtel bundled, our mobiles… I also bundle insurance wherever I can and The Insurance Quoter take care of our smsf & life insurance. It’s important to have your SMSF setup if you do manage your own fund, it’s completely essential to have life insurance no matter what. It’s surprising how good smsf life insurance is and I feel good just knowing I’m doing the responsible thing for my family.

You have the opportunity to make for almost all of the mistakes you make in your life. Not taking out adequate life insurance is one of the few exceptions to this. For smsf life insurance to cover you and your family properly, visit

You can’t recreate what C2 Video captures

Services | Posted by Robbie
Mar 01 2014

As an event planner I know the ins and outs of weddings, what works and who doesn’t, and where your money is worth spending and what you can DIY. The biggest blunder that surfaces at weddings is not investing in great wedding videography in Sydney and hiring unprofessional photographers. Read the rest of this entry »

Small Business Accountants Without the Sacrifice

Services | Posted by Jolene
Feb 14 2014

I watch a lot of premier league football and it always seems like such a waste that the best teams have the best goalkeepers because the average teams need them a lot more. Sometimes I feel it is just like that in the business world, where the big guys have the best accountants and lawyers and advisors making things even more unbalanced. Read the rest of this entry »

Buy Roller Blinds in Melbourne

Home, Interior Design, Services | Posted by Damion
Feb 12 2014

We have a holiday house we bought a few years ago up on the Peninsula. We have slowly been doing the house over, first with a good paint job and then the floors. Most recently we pulled out all the tacky 70’s blinds that weren’t in great shape and had them replaced with roller blinds.

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Some great, furnished apartments Dallas

Services | Posted by Robbie
Feb 08 2014

When you need a furnished apartment it’s because you’re not satisfied with the services or facilities available at hotels and the like. Often it’s the desire for a little more freedom and independence, to be in a more unique sort of environment and feel a bit local. I find it so interesting that in all my years staying in furnished apartments, the overwhelming majority don’t really meet those demands and expectations. Read the rest of this entry »

Where to have your wedding in Melbourne

Services | Posted by Jolene
Feb 06 2014

I’ve been planning weddings for about ten years now and have had my own company for about half that time. Things started slowly but it is pretty common for me to be having a wedding every week these days, at least in the busy season. When things really do get hectic, and I assure you they nearly always do, you need to be able to rely on all the parties involved. Read the rest of this entry »

What To Buy Your Dad For Christmas

Events, Food, Online, Services | Posted by Jolene
Oct 21 2013

I always struggle with what to buy Dad for Christmas. Tools, movies, music – sometimes you want something a little different, something you know they’ll love. That’s why I shop on Christmas Hampers online. Their hampers are so much fun, so convenient for the buyer and so enjoyable for the receiver. They have amazing products and service. The Cool Beer pack is perfect for Dad this year.

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Employee of the month gift at Christmas time

Christmas, Services | Posted by Jolene
Oct 20 2013

Every month we award one of our staff members with the employee of the month title. This individual is a hard working staff member who has produced excellent results and has exceeded expectations during the month in which he or she is rewarded. Around Christmas time we always like to do something a little special for the recipient, a sort of employee of the month and Christmas present in one.

Each year, without fail, we purchase an enormous hamper from Hampers with Bite to celebrate the recipient of employee of the month for December. This year we have pre-purchased ‘The Epicure’ which is filled with high quality wines, delicious snacks and desserts. I can’t wait to hand it over to the lucky someone and to see their face after receiving such a generously packed hamper. For more ideas on gifts for your staff, friends or family, here is the website: