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Venetian Blinds that Would Make the Venetians Proud

Interior Design | Posted by Robbie
Mar 07 2014

Italians are quite particular about style, which is why it always surprises me to see so many ugly venetian blinds around. It seems like it must be some sort of misappropriation and I’ve never really been a fan of venetian blinds, perhaps because I’d never seen really fantastic ones. Read the rest of this entry »

Buy Roller Blinds in Melbourne

Home, Interior Design, Services | Posted by Damion
Feb 12 2014

We have a holiday house we bought a few years ago up on the Peninsula. We have slowly been doing the house over, first with a good paint job and then the floors. Most recently we pulled out all the tacky 70’s blinds that weren’t in great shape and had them replaced with roller blinds.

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Classic Kitchen Renovations

Home, Interior Design | Posted by Jolene
Sep 23 2013

We live in a heritage-listed building that is all beautiful bluestone and vaulted ceilings. It’s one of those places that sort of takes your breath away but it does have its practical eccentricities. Any time we want to get any work done it’s difficult to have it approved and we’re very mindful of maintaining the classic style of the space.

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Nothing Better Than a Latex Pillow

Home, Interior Design | Posted by Robbie
Sep 23 2013

I don’t go for the whole latex bed thing, the memory foam and all the rest. I like something firm and more conventional feeling, a well-made spring mattress bed. I’ve bought my last few mattresses from Dial-A-Bed and most recently, bought a few latex pillows from them.

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Interior Tips – Curtains and Blinds

Home, Interior Design | Posted by Damion
Sep 19 2013

When people get me into look at a new house or apartment one of the first things I look at are curtains and blinds. They are relatively cheap to replace and rank as high as carpets and paint jobs when it comes to impact on the overall feel of a space. Furniture can only get you so far, ultimately; it’s this former category that makes the biggest difference.

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