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Well Furnished Apartments in Austin TX

Business, Holidays, Home, Services | Posted by Damion
Oct 15 2013

I have the enjoyable task of supplying furniture to many of Austin’s best hotels and accommodation. Our prices are good and the furniture even better, which means we really dominate the market here. I see a lot of different places pretty regularly and I probably wouldn’t recommend most. We have a pretty big range of quality with our beds and sofas, lovely wooden dining tables and the rest. Most of the operators skimp because it’s all about a quick buck.

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Ever Stayed in Furnished Apartments in San Antonio TX?

Business, Holidays, Home | Posted by Robbie
Oct 12 2013

I have the interesting task of organising most of the corporate travel for our executive team. They can often be away for quite a few weeks at a time and they are not the easiest of customers. I suppose it’s understandable as they are often under a lot of pressure, they want things to be as easy and comfortable as possible when it comes to accommodation.

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Wiz Bang Furnished Apartments in Houston TX

Holidays, Home | Posted by Robbie
Oct 10 2013

We’ve just come back from visiting our daughter who is studying in Houston, what an exciting city! We were surprized and impressed by all the great things happening there and happy to see how much she was loving it. She did a bit of ringing around before we arrived to organize us a furnished apartment in Houston TX for the few weeks we were going to be there. She did a great job finding Houston Furnished Condos.

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Golfing Holiday, The Best Kind

Events, Holidays | Posted by Jolene
Oct 02 2013

So you like golfing and you like holidays? With a golfing holiday, the whole is even better than the some of its parts; that’s my kind of synergy. I’ve just come back from Mission Hills, a golfers paradise in China. I never thought much about China as a golfing destination and this was a real oversight by me.

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