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Miranda Kerr Jeans, She Wears Them Like Nobody Else

Fashion | Posted by Damion
Feb 10 2014

It helps to have one of the most incredible bodies going around, it helps a lot but there is no doubt Mirnada Kerr jeans do some of the work for her. A great pair of jeans should keep everything in the right place and really help to complement and accentuate your natural features. If you think you can pull of the Miranda Kerr jeans look, check out Nobody Jeans. Read the rest of this entry »

Find Wedding Dresses in Armadale

Fashion | Posted by Jolene
Jan 29 2014

Armadale is not the most difficult place to find a wedding dress but there are plenty of lovely shops that will break the bank many times over. MY fiancé and I are only just really starting our lives together and we are trying to be mindful of the wedding expenses.

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Best Bridal Shops in Melbourne

Fashion | Posted by Robbie
Dec 03 2013

I’m still on the hunt but today I found a very serious contender for the best bridal shop in Melbourne. If you haven’t had a chance to see the beautiful dresses on offer at The Designer Bridal Room, they are the first thing you will notice. Slowly, the real quality of the experience is revealed in the attentive staff who have a real eye for fitting and complementing your natural assets. Read the rest of this entry »

Jeans for Men, For my Man Specifically

Fashion, Online | Posted by Damion
Oct 07 2013

I’ve got one of those boyfriends that just about only wears jeans because it’s what he’s comfortable in and I’ve long since given up trying to change him. I’d never bought him a pair of jeans before but he only ends up buying $40 savers junk and I just wanted him to experience the difference in feel and quality with a really good pair of jeans.

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Rocking Rock solid Roc shoes!

Fashion | Posted by Damion
Sep 27 2013

How good does it feel to put on a pair of Roc shoes and know that you are going to be able to last the whole night wearing them? I love going out and getting dressed up but the worst part about it is putting on gorgeous high heels to complete an outfit and suffering two hours later from aching feet. Read the rest of this entry »

What you’re looking for in plus size clothing Australia

Fashion | Posted by Jolene
Sep 27 2013

What would you be satisfied to see in a plus size clothing store in Australia? For me, updated style trends and evolving seasonal styles are a must. If plus size clothing Australia wide releases both Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer collections then it is likely that their clothes are fresh, edgy, and up to speed with rest of the regular sized fashion world. Read the rest of this entry »