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Employee of the month gift at Christmas time

Christmas, Services | Posted by Jolene
Oct 20 2013

Every month we award one of our staff members with the employee of the month title. This individual is a hard working staff member who has produced excellent results and has exceeded expectations during the month in which he or she is rewarded. Around Christmas time we always like to do something a little special for the recipient, a sort of employee of the month and Christmas present in one.

Each year, without fail, we purchase an enormous hamper from Hampers with Bite to celebrate the recipient of employee of the month for December. This year we have pre-purchased ‘The Epicure’ which is filled with high quality wines, delicious snacks and desserts. I can’t wait to hand it over to the lucky someone and to see their face after receiving such a generously packed hamper. For more ideas on gifts for your staff, friends or family, here is the website:

Two-in-one with Christmas Hamper Melbourne

Christmas | Posted by Damion
Oct 15 2013

My darling best friend just had a baby on the 25th of December which is also (obviously) Christmas. She had a gorgeous baby girl and it is their first child, I couldn’t be more excited. I wanted to get her something for her post-baby self and something for Christmas and what better than The Pamper Pack from Hampers With Bite. Read the rest of this entry »