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Wine Tours in Limos!

Car and Motorcycles | Posted by Robbie
Mar 28 2014

There isn’t much I consider better than a wine tour, at least until I found you could do one in a limo. It’s an idea so perfect I can’t believe I’m only just hearing about them but I am excited to say we have one booked in for this weekend.

Triple Hummer Limos Melbourne do these trips from the CBD and we’re heading out in a limo for one of their wine tours in the Yarra Valley.

12We called around a bit and they seem to be the people to go with. Just from our couple of phone conversations it seems they really know the area very well and have a wonderful itinerary planned for us. It’s surprisingly good value when you consider it’s a private tour in a beautiful limo that goes all day and includes so much.

I know my boyfriend is just going to love it.


An amazing hydraulic lift for an amateur enthusiast

Car and Motorcycles | Posted by Damion
Oct 13 2013

I am what you might call an amateur car enthusiast, I do not know too much about cars but I love them and I am slowly learning on my own. I have been purchasing small items and tools here and there to store in my garage and help me get a better look at the eternal working of vehicles and to start doing some solo repairs. Read the rest of this entry »

Get quality assurance straight from the source at

Car and Motorcycles | Posted by Jolene
Oct 08 2013

One of the best ways to determine the reputation of a company and validity of their quality business services claims is to read testimonials on their website and take a look at photos of happy customers. This is exactly the sort of endorsement that you will get when you visit Read the rest of this entry »

Driving (me mad) Lessons

Car and Motorcycles | Posted by Damion
Sep 30 2013

Teaching my kids to drive was a recipe for insanity and strained relationships. I’ve taught my kids a lot of things and I think it’s only fair, someone else enjoy the privilege of that experience. volunteered by having a website that was easy to find. Somehow, my daughter finishes her driving lessons feeling confident and relaxed so they must be doing something right.

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Worlds Best Driving Instructors

Business, Car and Motorcycles | Posted by Jolene
Sep 25 2013

I’m pretty dubious of using the ‘worlds best’ claim willy-nilly and I suppose it’s unlikely to be true in this situation. As far as my world goes though, Excel Drive really impressed me. I specifically wanted a female driving instructor because I knew I would just be more comfortable with another woman. I had a lady called Jackie and she was really fantastic and patient. She explained everything pretty thoroughly but just seemed to know when things were getting a bit too abstract for me. The classes were practical and very helpful.

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