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Be mind-blown by these Brisbane graphic designers

Business, Services | Posted by Robbie
Jun 11 2014

I might be the brains behind my business, but putting all of my ideas and words in to eye catching graphic designs is not my forte. so I decided to test the waters with a guy I found on the internet by the name of  Vikram Jayaprakash and was absolutely blown away with the work that he produced.

I asked he to revamp my logo for my website and business cards and to come up with some creative images for upcoming events and the result was far better than anything that I could have dreamed of. I was impressed from our initial meeting by the questions that were asked of me, and by the genuine interest to inject my business philosophy and vision into their creative graphic designs.

I love my new logo!

What do you think?


Toyota Materials Handler from NTP

Business | Posted by Robbie
Feb 07 2014

I’ve always been impressed by the way Toyota put together industrial machinery, forklifts and especially the quality of the Toyota materials handlers. We deal with a pretty varying array of materials on site and they’ve got a tool for every job. Having the right Toyota materials handler for the right job just makes handling so much safer and easier and gets the job done to much higher standards. Read the rest of this entry »

Telco Business Analytics

Business | Posted by Robbie
Jan 15 2014

When you’re trying to manage costs in a business you need to take a long-term view. In the company I work for, saving $1 per person per day compounds to something pretty substantial pretty quickly. There are lots of good services available to help you manage costs and Full Circle is one of the best for telco business analytics. Read the rest of this entry »

Transcription Service Rates Hard To Resist

Business | Posted by Damion
Jan 05 2014

Back office tasks are a seriously time consuming burden on a small business. I like to know a job is being done properly but most of my staff are highly trained and their time is better spent doing more important things. We’ve gradually shifted more and more of our workload over to BPO Away. You build confidence in an outsourcing company slowly, over time. Read the rest of this entry »

Get a proper background check

Business | Posted by Jolene
Dec 18 2013

People think a background check is often too much trouble to go to when you’re hiring. I can tell you from experience that it’s the sort of thing you actually can’t afford not to do in a lot of situations. We’ve had people working for us for over a year in a role where they were dealing directly with the public, sometimes even kids. Read the rest of this entry »

The ultimate commercial kitchen needs Ultimate Doors

Business | Posted by Robbie
Oct 18 2013

I would like to thank Ultimate Doors for their great product and their professional and timely services. We are in the midst of building our new restaurant and construction in the kitchen could not continue without the installation of fire doors for both current and future safety. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy Payroll Services

Business, Online, Services | Posted by Jolene
Oct 17 2013

We have a lot of staff in three different retail stores, some full time, part time and casuals. We have to navigate award rates and overtime, commissions and all the rest and we have a decent system to take some of the guesswork out. We also have a full time staff member dedicated to the task of payroll services. Despite this we were noticing a number of errors that created all sorts of complications for us.

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Get noticed and remembered with business cards

Business | Posted by Robbie
Oct 17 2013

As a business consultant I am always on the job and even when I am not working I am networking and need my business cards on hand.

If you happen to meet a good work contact when you are out and about, you will be taken far more seriously if you can offer someone a professional looking business card. Read the rest of this entry »

Remote Control Also Iphone

Business, Home, Online, Services | Posted by Robbie
Oct 16 2013

Your Iphone is actually one of the worlds most sophisticated, common sense remote controls and you already own it. There are many people who maintain that they have had better phones than the iphone but it is indeed so many other useful things. If it’s not already your universal remote control, then it should be. There are lots of apps out there to make it a remote control Iphone but none like Push Controls.

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Well Furnished Apartments in Austin TX

Business, Holidays, Home, Services | Posted by Damion
Oct 15 2013

I have the enjoyable task of supplying furniture to many of Austin’s best hotels and accommodation. Our prices are good and the furniture even better, which means we really dominate the market here. I see a lot of different places pretty regularly and I probably wouldn’t recommend most. We have a pretty big range of quality with our beds and sofas, lovely wooden dining tables and the rest. Most of the operators skimp because it’s all about a quick buck.

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