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Cubby House & Assembly

Children, Health & Wellbeing, Home, Services | Posted by Robbie
Sep 30 2013

I’m something of a D.I.Yer but I know kids tend to test things to the absolute limit of their abilities. For the cubby and play equipment my wife convinced me to go the professional route, introducing me to Lifespan Kids. The website has all sorts of fun stuff going on, cubby houses, trampolines etc.

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Driving (me mad) Lessons

Car and Motorcycles | Posted by Damion
Sep 30 2013

Teaching my kids to drive was a recipe for insanity and strained relationships. I’ve taught my kids a lot of things and I think it’s only fair, someone else enjoy the privilege of that experience. volunteered by having a website that was easy to find. Somehow, my daughter finishes her driving lessons feeling confident and relaxed so they must be doing something right.

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Get to first base making her a gluten free pizza base

Food | Posted by Damion
Sep 29 2013

My partner and I love to cook dinners at home together. It saves us money and is a much healthier option than eating out or getting take-away during the week. Whilst we are both naturally adventurous with our tastes and like a variety of cuisines I am gluten intolerant and it became a bit of a hassle finding a dish to accommodate both of us. Read the rest of this entry »

Seal the deal in Laurimar Estate

Home | Posted by Jolene
Sep 29 2013

When buying house and land package deals often the deal breaker or maker is whether or not there is a populace community city centre nearby, especially when you are looking in rural suburbs or a fair distance from inner city suburbs. Read the rest of this entry »

Rocking Rock solid Roc shoes!

Fashion | Posted by Damion
Sep 27 2013

How good does it feel to put on a pair of Roc shoes and know that you are going to be able to last the whole night wearing them? I love going out and getting dressed up but the worst part about it is putting on gorgeous high heels to complete an outfit and suffering two hours later from aching feet. Read the rest of this entry »

What you’re looking for in plus size clothing Australia

Fashion | Posted by Jolene
Sep 27 2013

What would you be satisfied to see in a plus size clothing store in Australia? For me, updated style trends and evolving seasonal styles are a must. If plus size clothing Australia wide releases both Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer collections then it is likely that their clothes are fresh, edgy, and up to speed with rest of the regular sized fashion world. Read the rest of this entry »

The student master is a cad drafter

Services | Posted by Robbie
Sep 26 2013

Many students who learn graphic design, architecture, or landscape architecture work within a professional environment. Whilst they further their studies or complete their Masters in design and architecture, one of the most popular entry level jobs is an assistant cad drafter. Through internships or part time employment they can build their CVs and continue a higher education Read the rest of this entry »

Worlds Best Driving Instructors

Business, Car and Motorcycles | Posted by Jolene
Sep 25 2013

I’m pretty dubious of using the ‘worlds best’ claim willy-nilly and I suppose it’s unlikely to be true in this situation. As far as my world goes though, Excel Drive really impressed me. I specifically wanted a female driving instructor because I knew I would just be more comfortable with another woman. I had a lady called Jackie and she was really fantastic and patient. She explained everything pretty thoroughly but just seemed to know when things were getting a bit too abstract for me. The classes were practical and very helpful.

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The Need For Search Engine Optimisation

Business, Online | Posted by Jolene
Sep 25 2013

I didn’t know the importance SEO played, until I gave I gave it a try and realised how much it improved my business. Splashbox have been doing our search engine optimisation for about two years now. They are a medium sized Australian company, where they do everything in house. You can trust them, you feel confident that they know what they are doing and they know how to best get results for your company.

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Classic Kitchen Renovations

Home, Interior Design | Posted by Jolene
Sep 23 2013

We live in a heritage-listed building that is all beautiful bluestone and vaulted ceilings. It’s one of those places that sort of takes your breath away but it does have its practical eccentricities. Any time we want to get any work done it’s difficult to have it approved and we’re very mindful of maintaining the classic style of the space.

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