Be mind-blown by these Brisbane graphic designers

Business, Services | Posted by Robbie
Jun 11 2014

I might be the brains behind my business, but putting all of my ideas and words in to eye catching graphic designs is not my forte.

I decided to test the waters with a Brisbane based graphic designer and was absolutely blown away with the work that Tinker Creative produced.

I asked them to revamp my logo for my website and business cards and to come up with some creative images for upcoming events and the result was far better than anything that I could have dreamed of.

I was impressed from our initial meeting by the questions that were asked of me, and by the genuine interest to inject my business philosophy and vision into their creative graphic designs.

I love my new logo and I love Tinker Creative!

What do you think?


Wine Tours in Limos!

Car and Motorcycles | Posted by Robbie
Mar 28 2014

There isn’t much I consider better than a wine tour, at least until I found you could do one in a limo. It’s an idea so perfect I can’t believe I’m only just hearing about them but I am excited to say we have one booked in for this weekend. Read the rest of this entry »

Alex Yuen Surgeon Extraordinaire

Health & Wellbeing | Posted by Jolene
Mar 22 2014

Surgeons don’t usually impress me and I have to deal with them a lot in my work. They can be rash and abrupt and rarely have much patience for the patients. Alex Yuen the surgeon is very capable and efficient but he is also a really great bloke with plenty of time for his patients. Read the rest of this entry »

Canberra Real Estate Politics

Home | Posted by Jolene
Mar 18 2014

When you’re buying Canberra real estate you never know whose going to show up to the auction. You could be buying from a former treasurer or betting against a deputy this or that. They bring a lot of ego to the equation of course and it is really important to get great Canberra real estate advice because some of these guys spin yarns professionally. Read the rest of this entry »

Wine Storage, Genius

Services | Posted by Robbie
Mar 16 2014

I have a pretty good wine collection but it’s been harder and harder to look after. I had it under the stairs and then as it grew I was keeping some in the garage but you need to watch the temperatures on the hot days and keep it off the floor in case of flooding. We had some tradies coming through the house and one point, and the gardener and the pool guy and bottles just started walking a bit. Read the rest of this entry »

Which SEO Company in Melbourne?

Online | Posted by Robbie
Mar 11 2014

We have been a pretty well known business over in NZ for a long time now but when you start operating out of a different destination, you need a local area marketing strategy. We tend to think of the Internet as a relatively global phenomenon and to an extent that is true. In many ways it is still broken down into local communities and what we found is that you do need to deal with SEO locally. Read the rest of this entry »

You can’t beat the best bonds loans in Townsville!

Home | Posted by Jolene
Mar 07 2014

I love sharing new discoveries and great customer service experiences with friends and family, but Bonds Loan QLD are just so fantastic that I had to share it with the whole online community.  Anyone in need of a bonds loan in Townsville deserves to know this not so secret little secret! We were in such a pickle moving houses and our bank loan approval hadn’t come through in time so we contacted Bonds Loan QLD to see if they could get us the money in time. Read the rest of this entry »

Venetian Blinds that Would Make the Venetians Proud

Interior Design | Posted by Robbie
Mar 07 2014

Italians are quite particular about style, which is why it always surprises me to see so many ugly venetian blinds around. It seems like it must be some sort of misappropriation and I’ve never really been a fan of venetian blinds, perhaps because I’d never seen really fantastic ones. Read the rest of this entry »

Can you be a critic of coffee in Australia?

Food | Posted by Damion
Mar 06 2014

Australians can be harsh critics when it comes to coffee, with so much competition in our ever growing café culture you can even get blasted by friends for serving up a poor brew at home. Read the rest of this entry »

You can’t recreate what C2 Video captures

Services | Posted by Robbie
Mar 01 2014

As an event planner I know the ins and outs of weddings, what works and who doesn’t, and where your money is worth spending and what you can DIY. The biggest blunder that surfaces at weddings is not investing in great wedding videography in Sydney and hiring unprofessional photographers. Read the rest of this entry »